A Michigan Airbnb injury lawyer can help if you were injured at a vacation rental property. Vacation visits and stays can result in travel accidents. If you were injured, you may be entitled to a settlement.

The Buckfire Law Firm represents injured Airbnb guests at Michigan vacation properties. Since 1969, our experienced personal injury lawyers have won among the top settlements in the state.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb was shortened from “AirBed & Breakfast.” Founded by two roommates in San Francisco in 2007, it is a way for property owners to rent out rooms in their own house to travelers and guests.

In some places, the guest will rent the entire home or condominium from the owner. While most often used for short-term stays, some guests may stay several consecutive months at a single property.

In May 2022 alone, the Airbnb travel and tourism website had almost 100 million visits. And, people downloaded the Airbnb app more than 44 million times. Travelers often prefer an Airbnb over a hotel due to price and the unique experience of staying in a room at a private residence.

Travelers can search the website or app by geographic location and date range to find available rental properties. The rental is then booked with the property owner using a credit card.

What are some Common Airbnb injuries & accidents?

Like any property, there are potential defects and dangerous conditions that can result in serious injury and harm to visitors. The most common Airbnb injuries occur from:

  • Slip and fall injuries;
  • Trip and fall accidents;
  • Fires, including the lack of fire alarms and sprinklers;
  • Burns, from defective heaters;
  • Scalding burns from defective hot water heaters;
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning from furnaces;
  • Hidden cameras in bedrooms and bathrooms;
  • Bed bugs and spider bites;
  • Injuries to children and babies from defective conditions.

And, there are cases involving dog bites and attacks that result from the property owner’s dog that is present in and around the Airbnb during the stay of the guest.

Suing for an Airbnb Injury

You may be able to sue an Airbnb owner for an injury or accident that occurs at the vacation property. The owner may be liable to a guest caused by a dangerous or defective condition at the property.

Under Michigan law, the rental guest, called a business invitee, is owed the highest legal duty of care. This means an Airbnb host may be liable for injuries suffered on the property due to failing to make premises safe or not warning the guests of known dangerous conditions.

Airbnb claims are typically classified as premises liability cases. A premises liability claim is based on the legal theory of negligence, meaning the owner failed to act as a reasonably prudent person would under the same or similar circumstances. Simply put, this means the owner was negligent for not keeping the property in a safe condition, failed to remove or repair hazards, and did not properly inspect the property for a dangerous conditions prior to renting it to the Airbnb customer.

What should I do after an Airbnb Injury?

If were injured at an Airbnb, you should immediately report the incident to the owner and Airbnb. You will want to file a written report to document both your injury and the condition on the property that caused your injury. An initial e-mail to both will often be good enough, but correspondence sent by US mail or overnight mail is the best way to document the incident.

If possible, you should also take photographs and videos on your cell phone of any dangerous conditions. This will be valuable evidence later on in support of your claim, especially if repairs are quickly made by the owner after the accident is reported because you may then never be able to prove the hazard existed.

Michigan Airbnb injury lawsuit lawyer

How do I file a Lawsuit?

You should hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to handle your case. There are very strict procedures and deadlines, called the statute of limitations, that will apply to your case. If you fail to comply with these legal requirements, your case may be barred or dismissed by the court.

Your lawsuit will generally be filed in the city or county of the Airbnb property. In some cases, it may be filed in a different location depending on the county you reside in or the state and county where the Airbnb owner lives or is incorporated. Our attorneys will determine the best location for your lawsuit.

Does an Airbnb have liability insurance?

Yes. Most Airbnb owners have their own liability insurance to cover any injuries that occur to guests and visitors on the property. This is especially true when the owner resides in the property that is hosting the guest. Some insurance companies require an additional premium to cover these properties. And, many hosts purchase insurance through Airbnb or a preferred insurer

What are Airbnb Injury Settlement Amounts?

The amount of money you can receive in an Airbnb settlement is based upon the unique factors of your case. There is no such thing as a settlement calculator or even written guidelines. The skill and experience of your injury lawyer is a major factor in the amount of your settlement.

Under Michigan law, personal injury settlement compensation includes payment of money for your physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, and any scars or disfigurements resulting from the accident. Much of this information is gathered from your medical records which document your injury and treatment. Your testimony regarding how the injury has affected your life is also a big factor.

In addition, you can assert claims for economic losses. This would include your medical bills, lost wages, and other financial damages related to your injury accident. There is no dollar limit to these damages.

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