A Michigan mesothelioma lawyer can help if you or a loved one was diagnosed with this type of lung cancer.  Companies that manufactured and sold products containing asbestos fibers have paid billions of dollars in settlements.  If you file a claim, you may qualify for a compensation payout.

Our Michigan toxic poisoning attorneys represent clients who have suffered from asbestos related diseases, including mesothelioma. Many of our clients were exposed to the deadly products over the course of their work like at a factory, plant, or shipyard.  Other clients were harmed by asbestos particles brought home on clothes by family members who worked in these places.

Most Michigan asbestos related disease, like mesothelioma, is caused by some type of work or occupational exposure. However, the disease is not limited to workers.  People living and working near industries can also get these diseases.

In fact, there are numerous cases of asbestos exposure in residential settings, school settings, and other locations that get mesothelioma from unknowing exposure to asbestos containing products.

Lawsuits are being filed against the companies that made and sold asbestos products that have caused harm and death to innocent people.  You need an experienced law firm on your side.

The exposure may have occurred more than thirty years ago, but victims can still file lawsuits to receive compensation. 

Our Michigan mesothelioma lawyers can investigate the source of your asbestos exposure and file a claim for you.

We have law offices in Southfield, Ann Arbor, Detroit, and Macomb County.  Buckfire Law is a statewide practice representing clients in Monroe, Port Huron, Saginaw, Flint, Lansing, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, and Grand Rapids.  We also serve all of Northern Michigan, the Thumb area, and Downriver Detroit.

Industries with Exposure to Asbestos Products

Millions of workers over the last century have been exposed to asbestos.  Industries with the highest numbers of Michigan asbestos related disease include:

  • Automotive manufacturers
  • Automotive suppliers
  • Shipbuilding, including Navy shipyards
  • Mining and milling
  • Asbestos textile manufacturing
  • Construction and building
  • Power plant
  • Manufacturing plant
  • Refineries
  • Military, especially on naval ships.

If you were exposed to asbestos at an industrial site, contact a Michigan mesothelioma lawyer to file a claim.

Common Jobs & Trades Associated with Mesothelioma

It was not only company employees who were exposed to asbestos products.  Other workers and contractors in the plants and manufacturing areas were also exposed to the deadly disease.

Common trades working with asbestos that caused mesothelioma include:

  • Asbestos workers
  • insulation workers
  • automobile & truck mechanics
  • shipyard workers
  • sailors and ship workers
  • maintenance employees
  • chemical and petroleum workers
  • locomotive and train repairmen
  • firemen
  • power station operators
  • electric and gas utility workers
  • fabricated plate workers
  • paper mill workers
  • construction contractors
  • plumbers
  • concrete workers
  • steel erectors
  • carpenters
  • electricians
  • pipe fitters
  • welders
  • oil field workers
  • boilermakers
  • steel workers
  • drywall finishers
  • painters
  • plasterers,
  • iron workers
  • floor coverings
  • masons

In addition to workers at these plants and facilities, other people visiting these areas on a regular basis may have had deadly exposure to asbestos products.  This includes engineers, architects, sales people, home inspectors, HVAC workers, and anyone else with possible exposure.  Mesothelioma victims and their families would also be entitled to pursue claims for mesothelioma and other diseases.

What is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a very aggressive and deadly type of cancer.  It occurs in the thin layer of tissue covering your internal organs.  It is often found in the lungs.

Although there are some treatments for the condition, there are no cures.  Hospitals around the world are working on treatments to prolong the life of patients.

There are several factors that increase the risk of mesothelioma.  These include a history of working with asbestos products and exposure to asbestos products at home.

Family members or workers with asbestos exposure are also at risk.  Fibers and dust brought home on skin and work clothing can put others at risk.

Also, radiation therapy for cancer in the chest can also cause an increase in your risk to contract the disease.

How Does Asbestos Cause Mesothelioma?

Asbestos is composed of thousands of tiny fibers.  These fibers can be inhaled by a a person working around or just in an environment where the fibers can be inhaled.  Once inhaled, the fiber get into the lungs and reach the smallest areas of the lungs.  Unlike other types of dust products, they cannot be coughed out of the lungs.

They settle into the lungs and cause inflammation and eventually lead to one of several different types of mesothelioma.

If you or someone you care about was diagnosed with mesothelioma, contact us at our Michigan law firm today!

Michigan & National Mesothelioma Death Statistics

Mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases are a substantial public health problem in the State of Michigan.  Michigan ranks tenth in the United States for malignant mesothelioma cancer and asbestos.  The states with the highest numbers are industrial states because of the significant exposure to workers in manufacturing plants.

Between 1999 and 2017, there were 1,588 total deaths reported from asbestos exposure in Michigan.  The majority, 1,386 deaths, were caused by mesothelioma.  These statistics do not include people who were exposed to asbestos in Michigan but relocated and later died from mesothelioma in other states or countries.  The actual number of deaths from asbestos exposure is likely much higher.

The largest number of deaths occurred in Wayne County.  This was  followed by Oakland County, Macomb County Kent County, Saginaw County, and Genesee County.

The bar chart below shows the total number of malignant mesothelioma deaths on an annual basis between 1999-2015. A total of 45,221 deaths were reported, increasing from 2,479 (1999) to 2,597 (2015), according to data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Michigan mesothelioma lawyer number of deaths chart

How Do I Prove I Worked with Asbestos Products?

Our law firm has a large database of work sites in Michigan where workers used or were near asbestos products.  A top-rated Mesothelioma attorney will use all needed time and resources to prove your asbestos exposure.

We use your employment records and documents obtained from other lawsuits to prove your exposure.  Also, your testimony and statements of former co-workers prove the source of your mesothelioma disease.  Contact the Buckfire Law Firm  to find out how we can help you.

Can I File a Mesothelioma Lawsuit?

A mesothelioma lawsuit is a type of personal injury case. The lawsuit demands compensation for mesothelioma victims from the product manufacturer.

Workers who became ill or died from asbestos exposure can also seek personal injury damages in addition to any worker’s compensation payments.

If you were diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer, you can file a lawsuit against the manufacturers that made and sold the products that caused your disease.  Our law firm will do a thorough investigation of your case to determine exactly where your exposure to asbestos occurred.  This will include a detailed work history and even interviews of your co-workers.

The chances are likely that our law firm already has solid evidence of asbestos products used at your previous work sites.   We use this evidence to prove the likely sources of your asbestos that caused your lung disease.

What happens if a Die before my Case is Settled?

Unfortunately, may plaintiffs pass away while their lawsuit is still pending.  In some cases, the judge will speed up the process in your case so you can see the end result.

When this is not possible and a person dies before the conclusion, the surviving family members stand in the shoes of the plaintiff.  The case is is then converted from a personal injury case to a wrongful death lawsuit.  The family members see the case to the end and then share in the settlement proceeds.

How do I File a Asbestos Cancer Death Lawsuit?

If your family member died from mesothelioma cancer, our mesothelioma lawyers will file a wrongful death lawsuit against the companies for your family.

Our asbestos attorneys will get all of the medical records and work history records to prove where the exposure to asbestos happened.  We will then work hard to get your family the highest possible settlement.

Compensation payouts include settlement money for the loss of society and companionship of the loved one.  Additionally, compensation includes payment for the pain and suffering of the decedent prior to death.  This is a substantial payout because the suffering prior to death can be a prolonged and painful period.

Additionally, settlements include payments for economic losses.  These include loss of earnings, medical expenses, and funeral and burial expenses.

What is my Role in the Lawsuit?

If you were the person with asbestos exposure that resulted in mesothelioma, you are the plaintiff in the case.  This means that you are suing the product manufacturers for your disease.

Your role in the case is to provide your attorney with a complete and accurate work history, as well as names of former co-workers.  This helps to determine the exact locations where you came near or were in contact with asbestos containing products.  Many workers even remember the names of the products and the product labels.

You will also provide the lawyers with your full and complete medical history.  This includes all physicians, surgeons, and other doctors you have seen over the years.  The mesothelioma lawyers for all parties in the case will get your medical records to understand your history of diseases, condition, and injuries.

Finally, your deposition will be taken in the case.  This is your chance to tell all of the attorneys about your work history and medical background.

You will also discuss your lung cancer, the treatment, and how it has affected your life.  In addition, you can describe the impact it has had on your family.

How Much are Mesothelioma Settlement Payout Amounts?

There is no average or typical mesothelioma lawsuit settlement.  Every case is different and each settlement is based upon a large number of factors.

Recoverable damages include compensation for physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, fear and shock, and disability.  Other damages include loss of income, medical expenses, and other financial losses.  These cases result in very large settlement payouts.

Factors used to determine a mesothelioma settlement payout include the:

  • Ability to prove the location of the exposure that caused the disease;
  • Strength of the evidence show which products the person was exposed to at the time;
  • Medical evidence linking the disease to the asbestos product exposure;
  • Damages suffered by the victim;
  • Financial impact on the victim and family.

In 2009, a Michigan man was awarded $542,000 in a jury trial. He had mesothelioma from proven asbestos exposure.

And, in  2018, a Michigan jury awarded $1.8 million to the family of a steel worker.  He developed lung cancer after being exposed to asbestos.

However, most cases result in settlements and never go to trial. Our asbestos attorneys settle over 97% of cases before going to court.

Examples of Michigan Mesothelioma Settlements & Verdicts

  • $1,926,618.92 jury verdict in a Saginaw County, MI wrongful death lawsuit alleging the plaintiff contracted lung cancer and died due to exposure to asbestos during his 30-year career as a steel worker at the Ford Rouge Steel Mill.
  • $1,872,000 Wayne County, MI jury verdict for the family of a steel worker who suffered fatal lung cancer from exposure to asbestos products at his workplace.
  • $1,500,000 jury award in Detroit for the family of a man who died from mesothelioma. He was exposed to asbestos from various materials, including pipe covering during his work as a pipe-fitter for Buick in Flint, Michigan.
  • $1,233,000 jury verdict in an asbestos lung cancer lawsuit filed by the family of a millwright and blacksmith at the General Motors Cadillac plant in Detroit in the 1960s and early 1970s.

How much Time do I have to File a Mesothelioma Lawsuit?

The statute of limitations is the time limit to file a lawsuit. In general, the time limit to file a personal injury or product liability claim is three years from the date of incident.

However, the time deadline for asbestos and mesothelioma cases is different than in other types of lawsuits.  This is because the condition may not develop or become known for decades after the exposures.  As a result, the law allows victims and their families a much greater time to file their case.

For these cases, the cause of action starts when the plaintiff knew or should have known that he or she had mesothelioma or another asbestos-related medical condition.

The time period usually begins when the person is diagnosed with mesothelioma.  So, a person with  asbestos exposure in the 1980’s but  diagnosed with mesothelioma until 2020, would have three years from the date of diagnosis to file a lawsuit in 2023.

However, it is important that you hire an experienced mesothelioma lawyer as soon as possible so that your claim is not destroyed due to a missed deadline.

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