Our experienced Michigan lead poisoning attorneys have been representing Michigan adults and children who unknowingly contracted lead poisoning. In 1978, the use of lead paint was banned in the United States. However, there are still some houses that exist where lead paint was used. Living in a house like this can lead to breathing in dangerous levels of lead paint and can cause serious injury. Our lawyers have won major settlements for people injured by lead poisoning.

Michigan Lead Poisoning Settlement Amounts

People call us every day asking what the value of their case is worth. Unfortunately, this is not an easy question to answer. There are several factors that go into determining the final settlement value of a case. If you contact one of our Michigan attorneys, we can listen to your story and give you an estimate on what we believe that case is worth. No honest attorney will be able to estimate the value of your case without extensive knowledge of your specific situation.

$1.4 Million
$1,400,000 Detroit, Michigan lawyer settlement
$650 Thousand
$650,000 -Detroit lead paint poisoning settlement
$600 Thousand
$600,000 Detroit personal injury lead poisoned siblings
$600 Thousand
$600,000 -Detroit lead paint poisoning settlement
$500 Thousand
$500,000 – Detroit lead poisoning judgment
$475 Thousand
$475,000 Monroe Michigan settlement for lead poisoned girl
$450 Thousand
$450,000 – Detroit lead-poisoned siblings
$450 Thousand
$450,000 – Ohio lead poisoning settlement
$400 Thousand
$400,000 – Howell Michigan injury lawsuit settlement
$400 Thousand
$400,000 – Muskegon settlement for lead poisoned child
$390 Thousand
$390,000 – Flint settlement for child inuries
$375 Thousand
$375,000 – Flint Michigan lead poisoning settlement