DETROIT — The Strategic Staffing Solutions Turkey Trot is moving full steam ahead.

This year marks the 37th annual Turkey Trot, which takes place in downtown Detroit and is widely recognized as one of the nation’s largest runs on Thanksgiving morning.

A popular tradition amongst locals, the event is expected to draw more than 18,000 participants from around the state and features several distances for runners and walkers to select, including a 10K, a 5K, or a one-mile run.

But, whichever distance and course you choose, be careful.

Buckfire Law, a Michigan-based personal injury law firm, is warning participants of several manhole locations throughout the city that could pose problems for unsuspecting participants.

The Michigan-based law firm recently filed a mass lawsuit on behalf of 37 victims, each of whom suffered burns to their legs and feet from steam emitting from manhole covers in Detroit. The lawsuit details all 37 injuries, which date to a 2012 manhole burn outside Comerica Park and include multiple burn instances in 2019.

The lawsuit names Detroit Thermal, LLC, Detroit Renewable Energy, LLC and Project Mist HoldCo, LLC as defendants.

“If you or someone you know is planning to participate in the event, please be wary of potentially hazardous manholes,” said trial attorney Nicolas Vesprini of Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. “Try to avoid running directly over a manhole.”

While the rising steam may appear safe, it has a very high temperature and can inflict second- or third-degree steam burns, Vesprini said.

Strollers are allowed in the race, so many parents will bring their children. Vesprini advises that those with children, both in strollers and running alongside them, to be especially careful near manholes.

In an effort to educate and warn pedestrians of potentially hazardous manholes in Detroit, Buckfire Law has published an interactive map identifying the steam burn locations throughout Detroit. The locations are identified by pin drops on the map, and each pin drop provides details of a specific case, including the date of an incident as well as a photo of the injury sustained.

The map is shareable and can be embedded on all websites and platforms. To embed the map below, copy and paste the following:

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