Our Michigan flood and sewage backup attorneys are investigating cases for those dealing with flooding and sewage backup issues due to the neglect of governmental sewage systems.

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How Do Flooded Basements and Sewage Backups Occur?

Most sewer systems are created in a way where rainwater is captured by a storm drain that is separate from the smaller sanitary sewage system within your home. These smaller sanitary sewage systems are intended only to handle the water generated within the household; rainwater is never intended to be present in the system.

Flooding and sewage backup attorneys

However, sewage backups and flooding occur when cross-connections or holes allow rainwater to enter the smaller sewage system, which will cause pressure changes and will ultimately lead to a sewage backup or flooding.

What To Do If I Have a Sewage Backup?

If you’re dealing with a sewage backup or flooding, you will want to make sure you have evidence of the damage. Take photos of:

  • The water or sewage in your home
  • The residue left after it recedes
  • All the damaged items in your house
  • The damaged items after they’ve been removed for disposal
  • The sewer drains, floor drains, and other entry points for the water or sewage

You may also want to keep a written list of what items have been damaged to accompany the photos.

Make sure the exercise caution when entering the flooded area, especially if anything was plugged in prior to the area flooding.

You should also wear gloves to avoid infection when removing items damaged by sewage flooding.

Who Is At Fault?

The governmental entity in charge of operating your local sewer system will often claim that the flooding or sewage backup was due to extreme rain or an “act of god.” However, because most sewer systems consist of a smaller, private sanitary sewage system for a home that doesn’t meet up with storm drains unless there are holes or cross-connections, this is not entirely truthful.

Most often, the flooding or sewage backup didn’t occur simply because of excess rain, it occurred because of the negligence of those in charge of operating the local sewer system.

Contact a Flooding and Sewage Backup Attorney for Help

If you suffered serious damage to your person or property from the flooding and sewage backup, you need the help of an experienced Michigan law firm.

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