Our Michigan doctor sex assault lawsuit lawyers are investigation cases against Dr. Zvi Levran, M.D. — a hockey doctor working with youth hockey players for the past twenty years in Minnesota and metro Detroit.

Dr. Zvi Levran is a board certified urologist with an office in West Bloomfield, Michigan.  He specializes in adult and pediatric urology and is a member on several professional societies.  He has been in the active practice of medicine for over 25 years.

Dr. Levran was arraigned earlier this month in Farmington Hills, Michigan.  He was charged with ten counts of criminal sexual conduct and at the court proceeding.  He was released on a $1,000,000 total cash surety bound with a GPS tether after the hearing in the Farmington Hills District Court.  He entered a not guilty plea.

Dr. Levran is accused of assault young male hockey players during medical exams. Many of these exams were performed in his home office.  Other complaints are apparently “inundating police” with respect to potential sexual assaults against other youth hockey players.  He is innocent until proven guilty, and police are investigating all leads.

What Are the Rights of Doctor Sexual Assault Victims?

Victims of sexual assaults by doctors do have the legal right to demand compensation.  Compensation is demanded through the filing of a sexual assault lawsuit against the doctor perpetrator.

These cases have received significant notoriety in recent years due to lawsuits filed against Dr. Larry Nassar (Michigan State University) , Dr. Robert Anderson (University of Michigan), and Dr. Richard Strauss (Ohio State University).  Other sex assault lawsuits have been filed in other states as well.

Victims of doctor sex assaults should contact The Buckfire Law Firm as soon as possible to pursue their claims.   Our law firm has successfully handled a large number of cases against doctors who sexually assaulted athletes under the pretense of a medical exam.

We have won significant settlements in cases against sports doctors, as well as other physicians that commit sex assaults on patients and athletes.

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Can I Sue Dr. Zvi Levran for Sexually Assaulting Me?

If you were sexually assaulted by Dr. Levran, you may be able to sue him for the physical and psychological harm caused by his sex abuse of you.  The Buckfire Law Firm files doctor sex assault lawsuits demanding justice and compensation for victims of these dangerous doctors.

To prove and win a case, you must show that you were seen by Dr. Levran either at a medical office, his home office, or in some other setting.  You may have records to prove this, but if not, your testimony and that of others may be enough for your case.  As most doctors seldom, if ever admit commit sexually assaulting patients, it will generally be your word against the doctor’s word.  However, these allegations garner a lot of credibility when several victims come forward with similar accounts of abuse.

How Much are Dr. Levran Lawsuit Settlements?

To date, there have been no reported civil lawsuit settlements against Dr. Levran for sexual assaults on youth hockey players.  The doctor may refute all of these criminal allegations and defend civil lawsuits brought against him by those making the allegations against him.

Damages in doctor sex assault lawsuits are often very significant. These damages can include non-economic damages — such as emotional distress, post-traumatic stress disorder, and loss of enjoyment of life — and can also include significant economic damages, including ongoing therapy and medication needs, a loss of earning capacity, wage loss, and loss of services.

How Much Time Do I Have to File a Dr. Zvi Levran Lawsuit?

The statute of limitations, or time deadline, was previously extended in Michigan to allow much more time for doctor sex assault victims to file their lawsuits.  You may be able to file your lawsuit even if you were sexually assaulted by Dr. Levran more than 20 years ago.  You should contact our attorneys immediately to make sure you have not missed the lawsuit filing deadline.

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