Case Type: Motorcycle Accident, Wrongful Death
Settlement: $ 485,000

Facts of the Case

Our motorcycle accident lawyers represented the family of a a43 year old wife and mother of two killed when she was hit by a van on M-66 (State Rd) in Ionia County. The decedent was riding on the back of her husband’s motorcycle when a deer ran from an adjacent corn field into their path. They were both thrown from the motorcycle. This happened just after sunset in the twilight. While in the roadway, she was struck by defendant driver who was not paying careful attention and failed to see the decedent lying in the roadway. The event was witnessed by her husband.

Types of Injuries and Harm Suffered

Damages were claimed under the Michigan Wrongful Death Act for compensation for the pain and suffering from the time of incident until death, as well as for the loss of society and companionship for the surviving family members.

Legal Issues in the Case

  • Was the driver of the van negligent in failing to avoid hitting the decedent?
  • Did the situation constitute a sudden emergency to allow the Defendant to avoid liability?
  • Did the decedent have conscious pain and suffering before her death?

What We Did to Win the Settlement

We filed a lawsuit in the Ionia County Circuit Court in Ionia, Michigan against driver of the vehicle that struck the decedent. We took depositions of multiple witnesses as well as the Defendant. Our attorney then attended mediation and negotiated a settlement of $ 485,000 with the insurance company for the negligent driver.

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