The Michigan no-fault insurance company must pay for rehabilitation services for accident victims who require home modifications after a serious auto accident. These changes accommodate the victim’s home by allowing them to live more freely and independent.

Home modifications service providers assist the victim’s physical, mental, or functional limitations and aim to help the individual live with the same comfort before the accident. In some instances, a victim’s injuries may require a full home renovation or construction of a new and modified living space.

What to Include in a Home Modification Benefit Claim

When making a home modification claim to an insurance company, certain things must be included. These claims must include a statement from either an occupational therapy evaluation or a prescription from a doctor detailing the type of home medication that is required.

Drivers should also include a quote from a contractor indicating the necessary remodeling work that may be required. An insurance adjuster may further require that two or three quotes are submitted from different companies and contractors.

Any time a person is unsure of what to submit with their home medication benefit claim, they should call their insurance company and ask. Certain items included with these claims, such as quotes from contractors, may expire. If they do, applicants may have to start the entire process all over before submitting their claim.

Limits on Modification Benefits

Unlike certain benefits included with no-fault auto insurance (such as bodily injury and property damage) there is no limit on how much money injured accident victims can receive in home modification benefits. Payment will be determined on what types of modifications are required, and how much they will cost.

The contractors and architects that will be making these changes are often very useful when these determinations. This is particularly true when accident victims work with professionals that are familiar with these types of cases.

When to Submit a Claim

Most Michigan insurance policies require drivers to report accidents as soon as possible, although they will all have certain time limits for doing so. When accidents are not reported within this time frame, the insurance company may cancel the policy.

However, accident victims do not always realize right away that they need home modifications. They may not understand the severity of their injuries, or those injuries may become worse with time. Still, home modification benefits should be claimed as soon as accident victims realize they will require them.

What to Do if a Home Modification Claim is Denied

Just like any other type of insurance benefits, certain insurance companies will deny a home modification benefit claim. The insurance company may also try to delay payment, or agree to pay only a partial payment. When this happens, a claimant still has options.

Any time insurance companies deny benefits, a person can file a lawsuit against the insurer. These are known as no-fault lawsuits. These claims should not be filed alone, however. Insurance companies are notorious for denying claims in order to keep more of their profits.

They will use a number of sneaky tactics to provide reasons for denying the claim. A Michigan attorney scan help to avoid these tactics in order to hold insurance companies accountable for paying the home modification benefits an accident victims needs.

Finding the Right Michigan Home Modification Service Provider

If you have been injured in a crash and require alterations to your home to accommodate your needs, you should consider reaching out to a lawyer for assistance. An attorney at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. can explain how these benefits work and help you find the right home modification service provider that fits your needs in Michigan.

The order of the home modifications service provider listings below has no significance and demonstrates no preference:

Name of BusinessWebsiteCityStatePhone Number
CAPS Remodeling HeightsMI248-246-1669
Functional Homes, Inc. JosephMI269-978-8340
William Ellis Company
Disability Made Easy
Adaptive Modification Solutionswww.amshomemods.comClioMI810-670-3500
Safe in Place Accessibility
F. Lax Construction


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