All property owners are required to keep their land and structures maintained and free from hazards, or to at least warn entrants of dangers that might exist. This requirement extends to all areas of the property, including stairways, escalators, and other types of lifts.

If they do not adhere to this requirement, a seasoned Michigan stairway and escalator accident lawyer might be able to hold them accountable for their actions on behalf of an injured claimant. A tenacious attorney at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. could work to launch an investigation into the circumstances of an accident and calculate the extent of your losses for a claim.

Causes of Elevator and Lift Accidents

While technology has become more reliable over time, escalators and elevators can still break down and malfunction. Many times, when this happens, it is just an inconvenience. However, sometimes it leads to severe injuries or even death.

Many of these injuries involve falls into shafts when elevator doors are open, but not the elevator car is present. Other severe injuries arise from elevator doors closing improperly, or when a car is mis-leveled, causing someone to trip as they enter or exist. Although rare, there are also instances of someone being trapped at the bottom of an elevator shaft.

Stairways, on the other hand, are more likely to have hazards caused by some condition that the property owner should have fixed. This might arise from any number of circumstances, including:

  • Snow
  • Ice
  • Broken railings
  • Broken or rotting stairs
  • A wet surface
  • Something that is left on the stairs that should not be there

When these or other incidents happen, it is essential for an injured claimant to be able to determine the proximate cause of the hazardous condition. While some of these dangers are apparent, others require the skill and experience of a Michigan stairway and escalator accident lawyer.

Who is Liable for These Accidents?

When a serious injury occurs in an elevator or on stairs, there is a good chance that someone carries liabliity. On a private property, for example, this at-fault party is usually the owner of the structure, or a caretaker. On other properties, multiple parties may be at fault—such as the owner of a mall or its management company, or the manufacturers of an escalator or its individual parts.

If the plaintiff was not trespassing and was legally allowed to be on the property, they have a legal right to seek compensation for their injuries. Of course, if they did not heed warning signs or stay within designated areas and were injured, they may not have as strong of a case. However, if it can be demonstrated that a landowner should have been aware of a dangerous condition on a stairway, elevator, or escalator, there is still likely to be grounds for a claim with the help of an experienced Michigan lawyer.

Seeking Legal Help From a Michigan Stairway and Escalator Accident Attorney

If you were injured due to a defective and dangerous lift or broken and hazardous stairway, you have legal rights that could be explained indepth by a Michigan stairway and escalator accident lawyer. By retaining an attorney at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. who is familiar with these types of claims, you could rest assured that a legal professional is working to investigate how your injuries occurred in order to hold the liable parties responsible. To begin taking legal action, reach out to an attorney today.

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