Our experienced Michigan No-Fault insurance benefits lawyers have been serving Michigan families injured in automotive and motorcycle accidents for decades. We have won major settlements and jury verdicts for clients from the insurance companies under the Michigan No-Fault insurance laws. The attorney you chose for your Michigan No-Fault lawsuit can be the difference between receiving a substantial settlement or no settlement at all. If you have been involved in a car accident, truck accident or motorcycle accident and the insurance company has denied your insurance benefits unjustly, we can help you recover what you deserve.

$1.3 Million
Family Paid Attendant Care Benefits
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$600 Thousand
$600,000 Attendant Care Claim Settlement
$375 Thousand
$375,000 Michigan No-Fault Insurance settlement
$300 Thousand
$300,000 | Denial of life insurance coverage
$265 Thousand
$265,000 Wayne County no-fault jury Farmers Insurance
$175 Thousand
$175,000 Attendant Care Claim Settlement
$150 Thousand
$150,000 Detroit car accident Allstate insurance verdict
$150 Thousand
$150,000 – Michigan No-Fault Insurance Settlement
$150 Thousand
$150,000 – Oakland County auto insurance policy settlement
$150 Thousand
$150,000 – Attendant Care Services Settlement – Closed Head Injury
$145 Thousand
$145,000 -Michigan auto insurance brain injury settlement
$137.5 Thousand
$137,500.00 Attendant Care Settlement Traumatic Brain Injury