Our experienced auto accident lawyers frequently file lawsuits against insurance companies for unpaid claims.  Many times, the insurer will deny a claim completely or only make a partial payment.  Insurance companies are famous for underpaying claim amounts instead of paying for full benefits.

If you or someone you care about suffered serious injuries in motor vehicle accident and have been not been paid the full benefits, you can file a lawsuit seeking full compensation.  Adjusters are notorious for the following tactics:

  • Denying claims without a legal basis
  • Cutting off benefits based upon an insurance doctor medical exam
  • Underpaying the real value or cost of benefits
  • Telling the injured person that they do not qualify for certain benefits
  • Delaying payments so as to cause financial hardship on the injured person

How To Sue The Insurance Company For A No-Fault Settlement?

Typically, the only recourse against the insurance company is to file a no-fault insurance lawsuit.  Without a lawsuit being filed, the company will just sit on your money and hope that you just frustrated and go away.  Our attorneys see this tactic frequently, especially in cases for unpaid attendant care services, medical bills, wage loss claims, and home and vehicle modification claims.

Our lawyers will file a lawsuit for you and demand full payment of your benefits.  The law also allows you to claim attorney’s fees and interest on unpaid claims.  Usually it is up to judge to determine if you should receive these additional payment amounts.

Examples of Our No-Fault Insurance Settlements

  • $1,300,000 settlement after a lawsuit was filed for attendant care benefits. The company paid past benefits and agreed to pay monthly benefits into the future
  • $600,000 attendant care services settlement paid to a family member of the injured person
  • $450,000 home modification claim to renovate a home and make it handicapped accessible
  • $265,000 no fault lawsuit jury verdict in Wayne County, Michigan
  • $175,000 settlement for a closed head injury victim who was underpaid attendant care benefits
  • $150,000 wage loss settlement against an insurance company that denied all wage payments

Get Legal Help if Your No-Fault Benefits Are Unpaid

Our top-rated attorneys are ready and eager to help you get your no-fault insurance benefits paid in full.  You do not have to fight the insurance company by yourself.  We do not charge any legal fees unless you receive a settlement award and it is free to get started on your case.

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