Medilodge Neglect LawyerGRAND BLANC — A Genesee County nursing home that is the subject of a federal lawsuit involving a resident’s death is accused of providing inadequate care, according to a state report and The Flint Journal.

Surveys conducted at Medilodge of Grand Blanc in January by the state’s Bureau of Community and Health Systems accused the facility of improper conduct, including failing to provide personal hygiene for some residents, failing to investigate reports of injuries and failing to turn or reposition patients to prevent ulcers.

A woman who answered the phone at Medilodge referred questions to Medilodge’s Chief Human Resource Officer Bill Gray. Gray could not be reached for comment by The Flint Journal.

State officials said they cannot comment about Medilodge because of the ongoing investigation.

The 69-page state report details other accusations against the facility, including:

  • Providing substandard quality of care
  • Failing to investigate reports of an injury
  • Not ensuring an enteral feeding tube was changed
  • Leaving soiled linens on the floor in patient’s rooms

“It feels like there isn’t enough staff to help,” the report quotes one resident. “I didn’t get up for breakfast today because there wasn’t anyone to help me.”

The report also claims Medilodge failed to give out medications to patients, didn’t give patients showers, baths or provide dental hygiene and didn’t offer adequate staffing levels.

“It’s dirty in here, have you seen the dining room chairs,” one confidential resident said in the report. “What about the bathrooms? It is just dirty.”

A Feb. 23 letter from state investigators recommends Medilodge of Grand Blanc be fined $903 per day beginning Feb. 8 until it is determined by the Bureau of Community and Health Systems that the nursing home is in compliance with state and federal long-term care requirements.

A May investigation also by the state also found Medilodge was not in compliance with federal nursing home standards. There were no fines associated with the investigation, however, the facility was given corrective actions to take.

Medilodge also was on the brink of losing Medicaid and Medicare payments in 2016 because of violation of federal nursing home standards, however, the facility made the corrective actions recommended, according to state documents.

The Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service — a state-appointed group assigned to investigate allegations of abuse and neglect against people with disabilities — filed a lawsuit in February against Medilodge of Grand Blanc after receiving a complaint regarding a patient’s care.

A male resident at the facility was found unresponsive in 2016 and he was taken to the hospital. He died the next day, according to a lawsuit filed in Flint U.S. District Court last month.