Our Michigan autism abuse lawsuit lawyers are investigating potential claims against the Oxford Recovery Center in Brighton, Michigan.

A former Brighton Recovery Center employee is accused of posing as a board-certified therapist at the facility. She has been charged with sixteen counts of unauthorized practice of medicine and two counts of identity theft.

These are felony charges that may include incarceration and fines if the employee is found guilty or enters a plea to the criminal charges.

The Brighton Recovery Center promotes its ABA & Autism Services Program. The program promotes data-driven results with extensively trained therapists. However, a former employee is accused of lying about her education and certifications to get a job at the center. She was not licensed by the State of Michigan and apparently had no certifications. She is also accused of using another medical professional’s credentials and license information to obtain employment.

Parents of autistic children who attended the program with this non-credentialed employee may be concerned their child did not receive necessary and appropriate therapy. Treatment for children with autism is essential to reach their full potential and requires highly trained and credentialed professionals to provide the necessary therapies.

The lack of identifiable progress with therapies can be an indication that a treatment program is either ineffective or has issues with the therapists and staff.

Oxford Recovery Center Autism Lawsuit

Our autism abuse lawyers recently settled a lawsuit against an autism program for $9 million on behalf of four children that were physically and mentally abused by care workers. We obtained video showing the abuse and filed a lawsuit against the autism abuse center.  The case was settled before trial.

The criminal case against the woman is advancing towards trial.  The outcome is unknown in the criminal case.

Parents of autistic children who treated at the Oxford Recovery Center ABA & Autism Services Program should consult with The Buckfire Law Firm if there are concerns their children were harmed by the non-certified therapist or regressed while enrolled in the program.