Our train accident lawyers in Michigan are reporting on a Amtrak train derailment that happened Wednesday February 1st in Leoni Township, MI. David Zimmer was driving his semi tractor-trailer when his truck stalled on railroad tracks. The Amtrak train was headed to Chicago from Detroit when it crashed into the semi-truck on the track. Ten people from the train and Mr. Zimmer were taken to Allegiance Hospital for minor injuries suffered from the train crash.

According to the US DOT, there are 5,800 vehicle train crashes each year in the United States, most of which occur each year at Railroad crossings. Train accidents account for 600 deaths and injure nearly 2,300 people. About 50 percent of all train accidents occur at railroad crossings with insufficient safety devices.

Railroad accidents occur every two hours in which a pedestrian or vehicle is struck by a train in the United States. Some people think that if they hear a train approaching the train will be able to stop in time when in fact it won’t. The train will need about a mile of track to stop, if it is traveling at 30-50 miles an hour.

In 2003 there were a total of 81 Michigan train-car accidents. These incidents resulted in a total of eight fatalities, and 23 people being injured. These calculations have been decreasing in the past decade.

Police say they are issuing Mr. Zimmer a civil citation for attempting to cross railroad tracks without enough clearance. This is a civil infraction.

Norfolk Southern is the company that owns the railroad tracks where the derailment happened. They repaired the tracks from the damage, and re-opened the track at 10p.m. Wednesday.

Victims of truck-train accidents in Michigan do have legal rights. Victims injured in this train accident may have the legal right to be compensated for their injuries, along with medical bills and lost wages. At the very least, all parties and families involved in the accident should hire the best possible Michigan injury lawyer to look into these possibilities for them.