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Sexual assault victims are not powerless.  Our award-winning lawyers file lawsuits against abusers and institutions that allowed abuse to happen.  We demand top compensation for our clients and work tirelessly to get you justice.  Don’t miss the deadline that will destroy your case!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Michigan has a statute of limitations specifically for sexual assault lawsuits. A victim has 10 years from the date of the sex abuse to file a civil suit to claim damages. Childhood victims can file civil suits until they are 28 years old depending on their age at the time of the abuse.

    If you were the victim of sex abuse, you can see the person that abused you.  Many times, this is a family member or former acquaintance.  In those cases, it can be difficult to get a money recovery because there is typically no insurance money to pay your settlement.

    In other cases, you may be able to sue an institution or employer of the person that committed the sex assault.  For example, if you were assaulted by an on-duty police officer you could sue the department.  Other examples would include schools, religious institutions, and other organizations.  Medical institutions and nursing homes can also be sued in these cases.

    There is no “average” sex assault case settlement. Every case is judged separately on its own merits and the harm suffered by the victim. Other factors include whether an organization or institution can be held liable for failing to supervise the abuser or failing to prevent the abuse.

    Settlements provide compensation payouts for physical pain and suffering, emotional anguish, and other psychological trauma. In addition, settlements include money damages for financial losses, including medical bills, psychiatry bills, lost income, and other economic harm.

    Yes. In a large number of cases, the victim did not report the incident to the police. There are many reasons, including fear of retribution, isolation, and even threats by the abuser.

    Other times, the victim is a minor and afraid to tell anyone about the assault. Many victims often repress their memories for years and then remember the details.

    The law does not require a police report or investigation be filed to pursue a case. Nor does the abuser have to be prosecuted or charged with a crime. These are not necessary to file a civil lawsuit for a sexual assault.

    Like most civil lawsuits, the majority of sexual assault lawsuits settle before ever going to court. It is rare for one of these cases to actually go to a jury trial, often because the evidence is so strong in favor of the victim. The defendants do not want to face judgment day with a jury.

    You should research attorneys to find one best qualified to handle your case.  You will want an experienced, top-rated lawyer who has a history of success in sex abuse cases.

    Our lawyers have been involved both in many high-profile lawsuits, including those against universities and their doctors.  We also have handled many cases against hospitals, nursing homes, sport coaches, and organizations like the Boy Scouts of America.

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