People frequently call our office and ask what the value of a sports injury case is. It is difficult to answer this question because no two cases are alike, and therefore settlement amounts can vary greatly from case to case. The final settlement amount depends on a wide variety of different factors. Our attorneys will sit down with you and listen to your story. When we have a detailed understanding of the situation, then we can estimate what your case is worth. No honest Michigan attorney can accurately estimate the value of a sports injury case without possessing a detailed understanding of the circumstances.

$850 Thousand
Hotel Pool Drowning Death
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$100 Thousand
$100,000 Michigan horseback riding injury
$59 Thousand
$59,000 – Mechanical Bull Fall Results In Knee Injury Settlement
$40 Thousand
$40,000 Michigan Equestrian Injury
Confidential – Manistee County Boat Accident Settlement