Cycling has become a very popular mode of transportation for daily commuting in many big cities. However, because of their smaller profile in rush hour traffic, bicyclist can be very vulnerable to costly injuries.

A number of relatively inexpensive safety accessories are available for bicyclists to help prevent serious accidents. Listed below are just a few of a personal injury lawyer’s top bicycle accessory picks that could help save your life or save you from costly injuries:

1. A Quality Helmet

Traumatic brain injuries commonly occur in bicycle accidents. They can result in memory loss, diminished bodily function and even profound permanent disability. It’s a simple truth that a helmet can prevent a serious brain injury.

2. Reflective Bands

Bicycles present low profiles in traffic. Most bicycle accidents are caused by motorists who just don’t see cyclists. Reflective ankle bands can be used both during day and at night to help make cyclists more visible to their larger counterparts.

3. Front and Rear Lights

For purposes of better visibility and an increased profile in traffic, many states and municipalities require a white light on the front of bicycles and a red light on the rear if you’re going to be traveling with traffic. While some of these lights are solar powered and also rechargable, many are battery operated so it’s important to keep them maintained.

4. Personalized Identification Bracelets

Although an after-the-fact item, a personalized engraved identification bracelet with contact and medical information may help save the life of both bicyclists and motorcyclists involved in serious accidents. If you’ve been rendered unconscious in an accident, healthcare providers might even access your medical records through a website that you provide the address for on the bracelet.

5. Helmet or Handlebar Camera

If you are in an accident with a negligent or aggressive driver, an attachable helmet or handlebar camera might provide clear and convincing evidence of fault. This can be especially helpful if the negligent driver, or their insurance company attempts to dispute liability. These cameras are small and light, but are of the more expensive bicycle safety accessories that you can use.

Recent data from the Center for Disease Control shows over 900 bicycle accident fatalities and an estimated 494,000 injuries requiring emergency room treatment. Some bicycle crashes are even caused by equipment like defective forks, frames, handlebars and the like.

If you’ve been in an accident cause by the negligence of another, it may be in your best interest to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Bicycle accidents are known to cause serious, costly, and sometime even fatal injuries. When it’s your life and livelihood on the line, let a personal injury lawyer help you get the compensation you deserve.